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Select the level you were assigned by coaching committee ('Rockets' being beginner level and 'Spikers' upper advanced level). Select 'Unknown' if unsure.
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Select 'Yes' if you play on Mid-week team trainings paying a fee. Select 'No' if don't play mid-week at all, 'N/A' if you are not a current player and 'Unknown' if unsure.
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Select 'Yes' if you play on Sundays recreationals paying a fee, 'Casual' if you do on pay-as-you-go. Select 'No' if don't play Sundays at all, 'N/A' if you are not a current player and 'Unknown' if unsure.
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If you are paying fees, please select '2 Instalments' or 'Up Front' depending on your payment plan. Select 'Casual only' if you are a casual Sunday only player. Select 'N/A' if you are not a current player and 'Unknown' if unsure.
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Precise where you allow the club to publish your pictures. "Public zone" for galleries/images accessible to non-members, "Member zone" (accessible to logged in spikers members only) and "No" if we shouldn't publish your pic anywhere.
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If your other details are incomplete, we need more information to validate you. If you think you may not have given enough info previously, please write here something proving you are a member of the club. it can be: the name of your team rep, or the name of a committee member (for instance treasurer or new members officer), or the place and time you last trained with us or any other short statement that would make your case If you filled all the previous info, you can skip that field.

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