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Oslo February 20 http://www.raballdercup.com Krakow March 5 http://www.facebook.com/GLAMCUP Valencia March 5 http://www.samarucs.org Dusseldorf March 19 http://www.duessel-cup.de/sports-volleyball-en.html Marseilles March 25-27 https://www.facebook.com/groups/GaySportMed/ Hamburg March 25-27 http://www.haeschenturnier.de Zaragoza April 15-17 http://www.elaios.org/seccion-cierzo.asp?SecID=1 Prague May 6-8 http://www.praguerainbow.eu Paris May 13-15 http://www.paris-tournament.com Warsaw June 3-5 http://www.volup.pl Madrid June 24-26 http://juegosdelorgullo.com/VIII_Juegos_del_orgullo/EUROGAMES Helsinki 29 June - 2 July…


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Summer sessions in Hyde park

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Friday, 19 August 2016 10:45
From May till end of August (depending on the weather) we play recreational volleyball on the grass in Hyde park on Sundays, from 1pm till around 5-6pm. Nearest tube - Marble arch. Look for volleyball nets and our banner. You can just show up, meet the team and play volleyball!…



Thunderball is an intermeidate-level team, which plays in London League Division 2. Our midweek coac...


Curveball 2015-2016

London Curveball is a low intermediate-level team. Our midweek coached sessions take place on Tuesda...


Fireball 2015-2016

Fireball 2015-2016

Fireball is an upper intermediate team in the Club. It has been knocking at the door for promotion f...


Apollo 2017

London Apollo is a beginner team. It is suitable for those who have never played volleyball before o...


Rocket 2015-2016

Rockets is an upper beginner team. Its coached sessions take place on Tuesday from 7 to 9pm at Sobel...



Powerball 2015-2016

Powerball 2015-2016

Powerball is our second top team in the Club. It has been securing a position in the London league D...

Next matches


  • Flaming Six Blackjacks Spikers

    28/11/15 (0-48) - (3-63)
  • Putney Men Vs Powerball

    09/12/15 (0-37) - (3-63)
  • Met PoliceVs Fireball

    21/01/16 1 - 3
  • Burros Vs Thunderball

    24/01/16 0 - 3
  • Curveball LSKVC Vs Willesden Men

    11/01/16 0 - 3


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