The London Spikers have players who range from beginners to intermediate and advanced level. We currently have seven teams, four of which are registered in London Volleyball Association's Division 1 and Division 2.

Our season extends from September to April during which we have coached sessions once a week during the weekdays and causal sessions on Sunday afternoon. We hold club wide assessments at the end of August. To register your interest to join, contact us ASAP and our New Members Officer will get back in touch.



London Apollo is a beginner team. It is suitable for those who have never played volleyball before or have very little experience in the game. It is a place to meet new people and get started in volleyball with coached sessions.



Rockets is our upper level beginner team. Emphasis is placed on perfecting your positions and gaining consistency on attacking, defending and serving during coached sessions. On Sundays there is non-coached social play.



Curveball is our upper beginner / lower intermediate level team.



Thunderball is our lower intermediate entry team into the London League in Men’s Division 2B. In coached sessions, all facets of attack and defense are developed along with game strategy.



Fireball is our intermediate level team in Men’s Division 2C in the London League.



Powerball is our advanced level team in Men’s Division 1A in the London League.



Spikers is our Men’s Premier level team in the London League.